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Дети… Альбус не хотел бы, чтобы эта война была войной детей, но все выходило именно так. Уклоняться он больше не мог, самый очевидный ответ на негласный вопрос о его противодействии Тому назрел окончательно. Альбус подошел к Фоуксу и погладил его по красно-золотистой голове.читать дальше
12/09 ТОП-ЧЕК получай приз за ежедневное тыканье по монстрам! Тыкать обязательно!
26/08 Открыта запись для двух новых квестов! Если ты решил примкнуть к Ордену Феникса или являешься учеником школы Хогвартс, то эта новость именно для тебя!
26/08 А вот и осень наступила... давай же начнем готовку к зиме, ведь зима близко, вместе за порцией чая и прочтением нашего осеннего пророка!
Добро пожаловать к нам на Marauders. The reaper’s due! Смешанный мастеринг, эпизоды, рейтинг NC-21.
Август/Сентябрь 1978 года.
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Marauders. The Reaper's Due


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Back to the past!

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Back to the past!

Doctor are you sure? (с) the patient


Дата и место эпизода

Действующие лица

20 September, 1978, Mungo, London and some other places.

Evelyn Scott, Luke Drake

Your life is changing every minute, but often you didn't see that. But what you will do if you have a chance to look back, to understand what happened in the dark of past. What you choose?



It was the end of the long day, bad day, but if we be little more honest than people be often we can say that all days of guardians of the law is bad. And today was the day like others - long and hard without any good news. They couldn't find death eaters, which are killing people in the The Leaky Cauldron and this problem going to increase to big bomb, which can detonated hard and create more problems for them, like question what they do in department of low? But for today it was not his problems. He over his work day and going to wait one little girl here in Mungo. But if one person assumes something it doesn't mean that some other will be agree with his desire. In this case it meaning that he heard the talk between to medical-girls. Where one of them talking about Evelin and that she catched a good variant to be married. It was interesting news for him because she didn't say anything about it, when they talked about their lives on his kitchen. He can understood that, but it feelings bad? It was strange.
But he hadn't enough time to think about this strange emotion, because he saw her, when she going out from the lift. In this moment he think about little joke, that's way, he stay in the shadow of wall and wait when she is going in front of him. And when she makes few steps more and he saw her back, he makes one step to her, catches her hand and quietly says to her ear:
- Lady, may i go with you somewhere? Please, allow me to buy you a cup of coffee. A promise it will be interesting evening without dark and blood. - he over his speech with little smile. He wanna see her react for his little joke.


Вы здесь » Marauders. The Reaper's Due » Настоящее » Back to the past!