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Смешанный мастеринг, эпизоды, рейтинг NC-21. Октябрь/Ноябрь 1978 года

Marauders. The Reaper's Due


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Back to the past! [Лондон. 25.03.1978]

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Back to the past!

Doctor are you sure? (с) the patient


Дата и место эпизода

Действующие лица

25 May, 1978, Mungo, London and some other places.

Evelyn Scott, Luke Drake

Your life is changing every minute, but often you didn't see that. But what you will do if you have a chance to look back, to understand what happened in the dark of past. What you choose?

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It was the end of the long day, bad day, but if we be little more honest than people be often we can say that all days of guardians of the law is bad. And today was the day like others - long and hard without any good news. They couldn't find death eaters, which are killing people in the The Leaky Cauldron and this problem going to increase to big bomb, which can detonated hard and create more problems for them, like question what they do in department of low? But for today it was not his problems. He over his work day and going to wait one little girl here in Mungo. But if one person assumes something it doesn't mean that some other will be agree with his desire. In this case it meaning that he heard the talk between to medical-girls. Where one of them talking about Evelin and that she catched a good variant to be married. It was interesting news for him because she didn't say anything about it, when they talked about their lives on his kitchen. He can understood that, but it feelings bad? It was strange.
But he hadn't enough time to think about this strange emotion, because he saw her, when she going out from the lift. In this moment he think about little joke, that's way, he stay in the shadow of wall and wait when she is going in front of him. And when she makes few steps more and he saw her back, he makes one step to her, catches her hand and quietly says to her ear:
- Lady, may i go with you somewhere? Please, allow me to buy you a cup of coffee. A promise it will be interesting evening without dark and blood. - he over his speech with little smile. He wanna see her react for his little joke.



It seems that it’s gonna be just another day. Nothing special, nothing strange, nothing awkward. But there was some delphic whispering and mysterious  glances in the Mungo. Evelyn’s colleagues over department behaved very unusual. But all this mystery disappeared when she saw Cassandra Edwards, one of the Mungo’s healers and Eve’s friend.
-Eve, sweet heart, - she sad, - I’m so very glad for your situation! Finally you gonna forward in such interesting company!
-What are you talking about, Cassy? What kind of situation and company?
-Oh,  I’m talking about your auror hero, honey! – she winked and smiled.
-It’s not like that, Cassy. We’re old friends since school!..
In a minute Evelyn regretted about her words. Because of Caccy’s face, which said ‘Oh my god! I see now! It explains everything!’ That ‘situation’
fulminantly  transformed from small interesting story of one affair  to the big novel of a great love, living through the years. In a few days it became most popular new in all over the Mungo.
It was already evening when Evelyn came out of the doctors' lounge trying to stay inconspicuous.  She even winced when felt some one caught her hand. But that voice, it seems, has particular spells, because it makes her calm down and troubles  became not so big. In those cases, of course, when spells works properly and hadn’t provoke vehement desire to kill that voice’s owner immediately. Today spells works in the best way and the thought to stuff new Mungo’s celebrity in a closet was thrown out of Eve’s mind. Instead, she smiled to Luke, raised her head and said it loudly and lordly, with no more hiding:
- With my pleasure, sir. I hope you have some  effective stunts to entertain  lady, aside from being injured.



When he stopped her, she looked like ill or tired person. And her first reaction was take her hand out, it shows him that she have some trouble on her work. After few seconds, he catched an idea, but before he had a chance to say what he thought. She agreed his offer to go somewhere, where they can drink something and talk without others eyes. It was not so long travel - one hundred meters, before they can apparate to one dead end in Birmingham, it was quite and lonely street without any muggles. After that they walked to the nearest bakery, which Luke visited last time something like a year ago. But it's working and now. He offer a chair to her and give her a time to take her place, after that he ask the waiter give them two cup coffee and two piece of strawberry cake. And only after that he starts talking about his ideas.
- Situation looks strange. You little aggressive, emotionally exhausted and ready to kill someone from your co-workers. Isn't it? What happened? - He asked her, without any words about situation, which he heard at her work, because if he say something about rumors which is going on her work, she can try to bit him, but he don't want to check her the fortress of teeth on his arms or neck. And that is way he trying to look innocent, who didn't know anything about that situation.
He takes a cup and drink coffee, before Evelyn start her story about her work and problems. Yes, he can say all what he think about this situation with their novel which imagine on her work, but in truth she didn't need his "great" ideas and thoughts, at this moment she need someone who will hear her and her problem.



Hot coffee teased sense of smell. Evelyn took a sip with her pleasure - almond cappuccino was her favorite. With regard to drinks and food, Eve remained conservative. Of course, she had favorite treats existed in the magic world only, but she had most of her culinary tastes from purely muggle cuisine.
- Well, to talk seriously about my troubles at work, this coffee has too little alcohol,- she smiled.- If in a nutshell, thanks to your spectacular behavior and the efforts of my gabby colleague, the whole of Mungo is buzzing now about us. By the way, Simon, our nurse, asked me to tell you that he was not offended. And, I quote, “now I understand that guy and in such a situation I would have done the same” - I have no idea what this means, but he looked like he had some great secret of yours.
She enfold the cup with both hands, warming her palms and feeling the spreading heat displaces the tension.

- The funny thing is that this story began to live its own life. Moreover, the way people perceive  it,  changes from one department to another. The version one is: the one auror miraculously escaped from the pursuit of black magicians, but he was injured and entered in the “injury” of Mungo. Нe was tracked down and attacked right in hospital. Our hero slayed  them to save the healer who was on duty at the time, and then they transgressed from Mungo together to take the pursuers away. But the  ‘Magical infections’ are  seriously discussing when our firstborn will appear. And they argue whether the child will be a boy named Albus or a girl named Candida.

She gently inhaled the fragrant, but hot steam coming from the cup.
- You know, if we don’t get married within the next month, then I’m afraid my colleagues will be so disappointed that it will be much nicer for me to end up in Azkaban than in Mungo.
She laughed merrily, thinking again of the absurdity of the situation.
- And what's your news? By the way, you  look much better. Wound does not bother, does it?

Отредактировано Evelyn Scott (26.10.2018 20:35:07)



It was not so easy to be quite and don't laugh when you heard something stupid, but if it story from your dear friend which was hearing and watching that you need to take yourself in your hand and be seriously. When she started about alchohol he wanted to say her, - hey, dear, it's not a problem, we can take a bottle and change proportions of whiskey in your cup and make whiskey with coffee or whiskey without any drop of coffee. And when she mention about that guy, Simon, and about his words about his position and secret which he understand about him, he makes strong effort and stay unflappable.  But in his mind his crying and asking: what a fuck?! what was going on with that people?!
But it isn't the end of the story it was only first part of it, small part, honestly, when he listening about mungo's departments and co-workers which is starting to assume and thinking about his relationship with Eve he is starting to came to idea about never visitng the Mungo in his life. It was dangerous to his mind and his peace. He coudn't understanding how people can change all facts from the story to create something what can gave them chance to gossip.
And when she finished her story first thing which he want to ask her, may be she make mistake and she need to go the deparment. Yes, they have a lot of shit on their works, they make a lot of stupid things, but they didn't gossip so much without shameless. TThey prefer trying to kill flies with their wands without magic, trying to catch paper airplane in the cabinets and so on, but didn't gossip about everything.
And what about him? She is thinking that he hame a problem with health after that night?
- I'm okay, don't worry, what can happen with me, i haven't got a habbit to dance with a death. - Joke, maybe little stupid, but joke, and after her story it didn't look so bad. - Maybe you can discribe me, what are you doing in Mungo, if you have so much time to gossip and creating theory of conspiracies... At my work i have some free time only if i'm sitting in my office and trying to write some papers to Alastor and other my chiefs from department. Evi, i'm not sure that they are normal, i mean they have a lot of work and pacients and they gossip about you...-



His astonishment was so candid that Eve unwittingly smiled. Still, Luke Drake was a man of contrasts. A skilled magician, an experienced servant of the law, he was amazingly naive in some everyday matters.

- Oh, well, apparently the healers in Mungo are more multitasking specialists than aurors are, since they have time to do so many things at once.
She could not restrain and laughed.
- Seriously, Luke, your uncompromising dedication to work, of course, is commendable, but let it be known to you that all these gossip  and“ conspiracy theories ”are quite expected. And your spectacular appearance could not remain without consequences. Moreover, you may be surprised at the news that, in general, it is considered normal for ordinary people to make relationships, to have feelings for each other and, oh my God, even to start a family. I do not argue, it would be better if the fantasy of my colleagues were not so turbulent, but ...- she thought for a few moments, - I have to admit that the stories they invented are more pleasant than the reality. Especially last two years.
Her voice faltered, and  she lowered her eyes, unable to look straight in his face.
-While you were gone, something happened, - she continued, gathering her courage, - meeting the past. When I accepted the fact that you left my life, I thought that the common past was gone with you too. But I was wrong. I was found by Merkur Grivern. Do you remember him? He studied at Slytherin and terrorized half of the school.
Eve's eyes went blank. She was drowning in her own memories.
-I held a meeting in support of the house elves. It was already late, everyone broke up. I was about to leave too, but at the moment he came.My wand, - continuing to look into the emptiness, she slid her hand into the inside pocket of her mantle, to make sure that the wand was there - I did not have time to reach it. He pushed me to the floor. I still feel his disgusting, stinking breath. I hear him fizzling insults in my ear, saying that he will make me pay for his humiliation. I was so scared. I thought he would kill me.

She startled, as if a bird had suddenly heard the approach of a predator. Fingers spike into the hand of Luke, and her eyes in his eyes.
- I was not myself. I was so freaked out. I do not know how it happened. I suddenly felt the tip of the pen under my fingers. I grabbed onto him and stuck him in the neck. He began to wheeze, blood gushing. As soon as I managed to throw him off, I ran away. I left him there to die. I can't bring myself to go back there. Only a day later I went to the ministry and confessed everything. Auror, who was recording my testimony… with him we returned, - she stumbled on this phrase, but forced herself to continue - to the crime scene. But the body was not there. “There is no body — there is no case” he said. Apparently, he wanted to cheer me up. But it torments me every day. Am I killer? Or is he still walking somewhere and one day Merkur Grivern will return to my life again to finish what he has begun?

When Evelyn finished speaking, she was shaking. There was warm in the cafe, but she was shaking as if she was in the middle of the north pole.



Chance to create a smile on face of dear person, what you can do for that? Luke can do a lot. And pretending to be uncompromising worker, which couldn't understand logic of people not so big cost for that. Especially if you didn't see her smile for ages. Showing emotions and behavior which your opponent want so see is the basic part of his work, someone can name it like art, but for him that is the worst part of his work, but sometimes and dark can show light. And this moment is like that, he can use his skills to cheer her. All what he need to do next is only keeping poker-face and to nod in the right places and she is laugh and telling him story about persons in Moongo, which can do a lot of thing at one moment, not like him. But that was only aperitif, the main story started next. At that moment when he want to ask her, - did she agree to marry him? But he did not have time, she start the second part of their today story. Dark story with dark person - Merkur Grivern. How much things and emotions in that name for they, but not the same. Different. Very different - for him he was enemy, sneaky, without any morale installations, who can attacked from the back, use dark magic in duel, and trying to threaten him. And for her it was fear and pain. One of the biggest fear in her life. It was lucky case, that he is putting his cup on the table, in other case he could destroy it.  And next few minutes he is hearing the story about one of the most horrible moments in her mind. It was story about old Evelyn whose way he saved in his heart. Her ideas and ideals, and destroying of all. She was fear that story and after time, he can approve that, because she catches his hand and thrust the nails into his hand. She didn't make a pause or stopped, she telling that story like a prisoner which is going to scaffold.
- There is no body — there is no case, one of the favorite sayings of big part of magical guardians of the law.But it isn't the story about him. He find a ghost of the past, really? Okay, then that ghost must run away from him, if he want to be alive. No compromises, no brakes, only hunt for one ugly bastard, which coudn't understand that past must be in past. But first a little focus to one little girl:
- I'm agree, i will help you, but after that you will marry for me. We couldn't destroy gossip theory of your colleges. - Laughed and finishing his cup of coffee. After that his fingers squeezed her hand.


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